The Bird or the Cage?

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Ambril: Now take this, for example. It dates from the middle Sumaran era and unusually is mentioned quite specifically in the Legend. Oh, there can be no doubt. The reference is to the Six Faces of Delusion. Now count. One, two, three, four, five. You will observe there are five faces, not six as the Legend would have it. Now, my point is this: I do find it quite extraordinarily difficult to take seriously a Legend that cannot even count accurately. Of course, artistically speaking, it’s an entirely different matter. The piece is exquisite. An undoubted masterpiece.
Doctor: What is it?
Ambril: Hmm? Headdress.
Doctor: Try it on.
Ambril: What?
Doctor: Try it on.
Ambril: Certainly not. Whatever for?
Doctor: Please. I want to show you something, then I’ll go and leave you in peace.
Ambril: Very well… Well?
Doctor: Now, count the faces again.
Ambril: Do as he says.
Chela: One, two, three, four, five.
Doctor: …And one makes six. The sixth Face of Delusion is the wearer’s own. That was probably the idea, don’t you think?

- Doctor Who S20E02, Snakedance

P.S. I love this story. (And Chela is supercute.)

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